On June 14, 1996, the Francisco Martínez Benavides Foundation was publicly established, a non-profit entity of private nature.

The announcement of the will of the late Mr. Francisco, “that upon the death of his wife, a foundation would be established with part of his assets to help the most needy in Posadas”, as stated in his will, caused much speculation and even generated false expectations, as the assets available to the Foundation consisted of real estate valued at the time at about 283 million pesetas (€1,700,800).

From the beginning of its journey, the philosophy of the Board in the administration of the Foundation’s assets was clear: the best help for the poor is to teach them to live by their work, because everything else is “bread for today and hunger for tomorrow”. Thus continuing the work that the deceased began in his day.

It is worth noting that the activities carried out by the Foundation have been changing, adapting at all times to the real needs that have arisen, evolving to reach where the administrations did not.

Therefore, the effort has been directed towards the indirect creation of jobs in the Foundation’s assets, prioritizing these over the economic aspect. As well as helping in its beginnings to vulnerable groups (Alzheimer’s patients, disabled people,…) enabling the education of children and young people, both in their studies and in courses that would qualify them for a job, with tutoring, textbooks and school supplies, speech therapy and physiotherapy services, social guarantee programs… The Board is proud of the students who have taken advantage of this opportunity and are earning a living with their work and good deeds.

Also, in the beginning, providing home care to the elderly, a group in poverty, not because of their economic precariousness, but because of their physical limitations and loneliness.

Allocating to these programs the financial resources generated from the leasing of the lands and securities that are owned by the Foundation.


The Trustees of the Foundation, with no other reward than the duty fulfilled, continue and will continue to work to fulfill the will of its Founder by defending its interests and carrying out the socio-charitable work that Mr. Francisco wanted to be done.