Ethical Code

Ethical Code
As a member of the Associations of Andalusian Foundations, the Francisco Martínez Benavides Foundation subscribes to the Ethical Code approved by its General Assembly on June 21, 2006, and commits to its compliance. This provides added value and guarantees the inspiring principles of the Andalusian foundational sector, even beyond mere legal compliance.




It is the duty of all foundations to act effectively to best achieve their goals and efficiently for the best possible application of their resources.


Providing the entire organization with the necessary training and a high level of self-demand in all its actions.


A principle that must govern the provision of all services that the foundation must carry out in the development of the purposes for which it was created.


It is the duty of every foundation to be transparent to its users and beneficiaries, and to society in general, both in the results obtained and in the means used to achieve them.


Every foundation must aim to influence reality, and its action should result in the improvement of society.


Every foundation must act according to its principles and in line with the foundational purposes expressed in its statutes.


All foundations must act in observance of sustainable development standards, thus contributing to the improvement and maintenance of the environment.
Foundations must be aware of the social context in which they operate and aim to meet the needs demanded by society.
Foundations must imbue all their actions with the selfless and non-profit nature that accompanied the will of their founder at the time of their establishment.
The general objectives of the foundations are: To detect the needs of their beneficiaries and cover them, anticipating others that may arise. To be channels of expression of the will of their founder, maintaining their altruistic spirit. To be responsible in fulfilling their purposes, as well as their actions, being aware that their purpose is of general interest and public utility. To spread their values in society, being examples of generosity and social awareness.
Foundations must implement a transparent personnel policy in accordance with current legislation, ensuring the proper training of foundation staff and that their profile is suitable to comply with the general principle of quality in the execution of their actions, and, where appropriate, in the provision of services to their beneficiaries. They must also ensure that the workers and volunteers who collaborate with them identify with the purposes and activities of the foundation.
Foundations must strive to know the origin of the donations received. Funds from illicit activities contrary to human rights recognized by international treaties, or to the foundational values set out in this Ethical Code, will not be accepted. Nor will conditional donations or aid be accepted when they violate any fundamental objective or value or question the necessary autonomy of the foundation.