Brief History

The activities carried out by the Foundation, of an assistance nature as stated by the founder in his will, have evolved since its establishment, adapting to the real situations of need that arise, covering priority needs. In fact, it has been a pioneer in addressing basic needs that have gradually become the responsibility of the Administration, whether local or regional.

In summary, at the beginning of its journey, the Foundation focused its assistance activity on primarily serving children and the elderly.

For this, a speech therapy and physiotherapy service was launched to mainly assist children with learning and mobility difficulties, respectively. A speech therapist and a physiotherapist were hired, who provided their services until Educational Centers had their own Educational and Psychopedagogical Guidance Team (EOEP) and the SAS Health Center had specific professionals, a rehabilitation doctor and a physiotherapist, respectively. Individual financial aid was also granted for the purchase of textbooks and school supplies, as well as to reduce school absenteeism.

Regarding the elderly, individual financial aid was granted to cover the cost of home care, based on reports made and supervised by the municipal social worker. This aid was maintained until an external company in agreement with the Honorable City Council of Posadas took over this service.

The Foundation also collaborated in the establishment of the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients and other Dementias Malena (AFAMA), being the first to launch the first workshop to assist these patients, hiring 1 psychologist, 1 social worker, 1 physiotherapist, and 4 home care assistants.

Actividad con mayores Fundación Martínez Benavides
Actividad con mayores Fundación Martínez Benavides
For several years, the Foundation housed the Association of Disabled People of Posadas (DETUMO) in the headquarters, in addition to providing them with a classroom, it provided advice and processed grants for them.
Sede Detumo
Several Social Guarantee Programs of different profiles were taught: masonry-plumbing-electricity, welding operators, and auxiliary gardeners and nursery workers, enabling the incorporation into the labor market of at least 32 young people from the town. Eventually, this program became the responsibility of Education.

Through various Employment Workshops, a total of 32 people were trained and hired. It also facilitated the hiring of people over 30 years old to provide a comprehensive service of guidance, information, and advice to families at risk of social exclusion, hiring psychologists, social workers, and social educators through programs partly funded by the Employment Council of the Junta de Andalucía.

Workshops on self-esteem, domestic economy, social skills, crafts, relaxation techniques, sewing, hygiene, and nutrition were also taught to women belonging to families at risk of economic vulnerability, in collaboration with the Parish Caritas of Posadas.

Charla Fundación Francisco Martínez Benavides

Some time ago, we also had a “Solidarity Lunches” program, which covered the basic need for food, consisting of providing daily lunches purchased from a catering service to assist families and individuals at risk of social exclusion. This initiative would eventually culminate in the current Posadas Food Bank.

Finally, through an agreement signed with the Rural Development Group of the Middle Guadalquivir, 5 hectares of irrigated land from the “El Encinarejo Alto” farm in the Municipal Term (T.M.) of Hornachuelos were ceded for a horticultural demonstration field, with the aim of showing, training, and advising farmers in the area about the possibility of introducing new crops, or new varieties or management of the usual ones in the region, as well as new irrigation techniques.

Campo El Encinarejo Alto


Activities Currently, the activities carried out are of an assistance type, following the Founder’s will, summarized as follows:

A.- Attention to the ELDERLY

1.1 Collaboration with the Association of Relatives and Patients of Alzheimer's and other Dementias Malena (AFAMA).

This Foundation collaborates with AFAMA by providing advice on drafting projects to be presented to various Public Administrations or private entities in order to obtain grants to assist Alzheimer’s and other dementia patients at home, as well as in justifying subsidized programs.

1.2 Orthopedic material service

The Foundation has a collection service for orthopedic material, wheelchairs, walkers, etc., which it subsequently donates selflessly to those in the town who request it.

B.- Attention to CHILDREN

2.1 Punctual aid for medications, graded lenses, special foods, and infant foods

The Foundation has financially collaborated to cover the cost of some medications for minors, graded lenses, as well as punctual aid in food and products for infants (follow-on milk, diapers, etc.), all belonging to families with limited economic resources.

It also collaborates with the town’s Educational Centers for the end-of-course trip of 2 students from families at risk of economic vulnerability.

2.2 Classes for the development of artistic activities (painting).

The Foundation has a collaboration agreement with the Friends of Art Association so that minors, belonging to families at risk of economic vulnerability who are beneficiaries of the Food Bank program, can attend painting classes at the headquarters of this Entity.

C.- Attention to YOUNG PEOPLE

3.1 Specific collaboration agreement between the Secondary Education Institute (I.E.S.) "Alajanadic"

The Foundation has maintained since the 2013/2014 academic year a collaboration agreement signed with the I.E.S. “Aljanadic” for agricultural and forestry training and dissemination, using the plot owned by this Entity located between Almería-La Muralla-Oro streets.

With the signing of this agreement, the following objectives are made possible:

    • Contribute to training and promotion in the agricultural and forestry field that allows students of the agricultural professional family to acquire production techniques. For this, students of this professional family from the I.E.S. Aljanadic in Posadas will carry out weekly practices during the school year on the Foundation’s lands.
    • Promote the labor insertion of young technicians and senior technicians in vocational training of the agricultural family.


    • Offer Malena society the possibility of training and insertion in a sector with a large job offer with future possibilities and respectful of the environment.

D.- Assistance to FAMILIES

4.1 "Food Bank" Program

This program was initiated by this Entity and is the result of a collaboration agreement formalized between the Honorable City Council of Posadas, Parish Caritas of Posadas, and the Foundation. Based on this, a Food Bank is created, managed by the three entities, which contribute a monthly financial amount for the purchase of non-perishable basic necessities that are distributed monthly among the families that request it, and meet a series of requirements established in the agreement and evaluated by a commission formed by members of the three, under the supervision of the municipal social worker.

For information, during 2022 the total number of people served reached 319, of which 30% are minors, belonging to a total of 77 families, with 41 individuals served.

The Foundation has a warehouse on the plot located between Almería-La Muralla-Oro streets for this purpose, with volunteers from the three entities collaborating.

4.2 Reception, information, and guidance service.

In this Entity, people are informed about the different resources available in the town that they can access. They are also helped in filling out forms and prints for different aids, and an appointment is requested for them online for the SEPE and the SAE.

4.3 Punctual aid for medical transfers, for administrative-legal procedures, D.N.I. renewal...

This Foundation has collaborated in covering the costs of medical transfers, mainly to Córdoba for appointments with specialists, and also for other legal, labor, etc., procedures.


This Foundation has collaborated on specific occasions with those people from this town who have requested help. We can point out as significant examples the aid intended to cover funeral expenses, aid for medical treatments as well as for medical transfers, etc.


The Foundation has two rooms on the upper floor of the headquarters ceded to the Friends of Art Association, which teaches painting classes and allows people benefiting from some program of this Entity to attend these classes, providing them with the necessary material.

This Association has also been holding an exhibition of works in the Foundation’s courtyard and the adjoining room.

The local artist, Tony Lara, carried out a new artistic intervention CREA, RECICLA Y TRANSFORMA in November. It is a video art that is part of a project subsidized by the Diputación de Córdoba through the Rafael Botí Foundation, whose purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of recycling to achieve sustainable development.

All these activities are possible thanks to the rents obtained from the lease of the rustic estates that are part of the Foundational Endowment, the estate.

All these activities are possible thanks to the rents obtained from the lease of the rustic estates that are part of the Foundational Endowment, the estate:

  • “Torrocotoco” in the T.M. of Posadas intended for pasture use.
  • “Tres Arroyos Altos” in the T.M. of Posadas. Also intended for pasture use and every 9-10 years cork can be extracted.
  • “El Encinarejo Alto” in the T.M. of Hornachuelos. Irrigated land belonging to the Irrigation Community of the Left Bank of the Bembézar, with an approximate area of 120 hectares, is divided into several plots intended for social crops, horticultural, which generate labor, another form of aid.
  • Industrial Warehouse located in the La Sierrezuela Industrial Estate of Posadas, on Eduardo Torroja street, no. 29, with an approximate area of 825 m2, is currently available for rent.
  • Finally, the one-story social housing located on Oro street, a total of 7 occupied by former workers of the founder and/or socially and economically disadvantaged people from this town.